What to Expect

What to Expect-


Welcome! We are so glad you are visiting our website! Please, take your time and look around. Below is some information that you may find helpful when you visit us in person or online-

To Enter Our Church- on the west side of the building please use the double glass doors under the canopy- on the far side. A greeter will welcome you as you enter the lobby area. They will direct you or answer any questions you may have. The doors that are on your right will go into the worship area. Restrooms are on the far side of the lobby.

Sabbath School/Bible Study- is on Saturday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in person or via livestream on our Facebook page (for our Adult class). There is an adult class as well as youth and children's classes. We can provide you with a lesson study if you would like one. The Adult lesson study can be found online here. There will be a 15 minute break after Sabbath School before the worship service begins.

Worship Service- is on Saturday mornings and begins at 10:50 a.m.. The service usually last an hour and a half. You may find the livestream on our Facebook page. Our service includes prayer, music, praise, announcements, children's story and a sermon. We sing hymns and contemporary songs accompanied by piano and a few other instruments at times. Our sermon will be preached from the Bible.

Prayer Meeting- is on Wednesday evenings and starts at 6:45 p.m. at the church. 

Dress- We are a diverse group so many different dress styles may be observed.  Please come in what is comfortable for you. You will be warmly welcomed as you are.

Parking- is available on the west side of the building (to your left if facing the front of the church). There are two driveways and you may enter/exit either one. You will find the handicap spaces along the first driveway (east or the drive closest to the church).

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